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What is Gemprint Agent ?

Gemprint Agent allows you to register previously Gemprinted diamonds that have not yet been registered. This allows your clients to register their diamonds in the International Diamond Registry without the need for a Gemprint Instrument.

Why would your customer want to register their diamond?

Your customers will receive up to a 10% Insurance Discount on their premium from leading insurance companies such as State Farm, All State, and Jewelers Mutual (See full list here). Additionally, having their diamond registered allows for an increased chance of recovery in the case of loss or theft.

Why would you want to help them register their diamond ?

Your customer can either register their diamond on for a fee of $50, or through you for any fee you desire. You are charged $15 by Gemprint Corp for each diamond you register, so the recommended fee you charge will likely be greater than $15 and at most $50. This gives you an opportunity to make an extra $35 for every Gemprinted diamond you sell or appraise.

What diamonds come Gemprinted? To list a few…..

  • Any diamond that has been certified by GCAL since 2006
  • Diamonds that are part of the Rio Tinto Mine of Origin Program since 2008
  • Over the years, brands such as FireMark, Cushette, Martin Flyer, Solei, Stuller, Zale, Blue Nile, Bloomingdales, Polar Bear, Polar Ice, and many more have come with a Gemprint Certificate
  • In the past 6 years alone, there are close to a million diamonds that have an unregistered Gemprint Certificate waiting for you…