To become a Gemprint agent, please complete the following registration form:

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There are two PayPal methods of payment you can select from while using Gemprint Agent, and both methods are processed securely via PayPal. The $15.00 fee charged to you for each diamond you register, represents the dealer/retailer cost. It is then recommended that you charge your customer the standard fee of $50.00 for the Gemprint Registration.

Method 1 – Use Credit Card on File via PayPal

This method allows you to pay by credit card on file. Your credit card information will be stored and processed by PayPal. Gemprint Corporation will not retain any of your credit card information. This is the easiest and most time saving method.

PayPal will authorize your card one time for $1.00 every 12 months, to ensure you have entered a valid credit card.

Once you begin registering diamonds, your credit card will be charged $15.00 for each diamond you register.

Method 2 – Use Standard PayPal

This method will take you out of the Gemprint Agent site onto the PayPal site, each time you wish to register a diamond.

You will need to login to PayPal, authorize the $15.00 charge, and then you will be redirected back to the Gemprint Agent site to complete the registration.

If you choose this method, please uncheck “Use Credit Card”. Please be e aware that all staff wishing to use Gemprint Agent will need your PayPal login credentials.

At any time, you can update your account to pay by credit card.